What edu.coindeal.com is?

Edu.coindeal.com is an international cryptocurrency contest, which takes place on demonstration bills. Participants compete with each other to find out who gets the highest return within one contest - 1 month. The key objective of the edu.CoinDeal competition is to provide participants with comprehensive training and development opportunities as investors. The competition is held twice a year, giving traders the chance to follow their success and the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. The social networking features allow participants to communicate with each other and learn trading strategies from other players. Thanks to the CoinDeal contest you can also earn cash benefits - winners win cash prizes.

Who can use our service?

Absolutely ANYONE, if you are 18 years old or older

What if I did not receive an activation email?

The activation link is sent automatically after registration. If you have not received the email please, please check the SPAM folder. If you have further problems, please contact us via the contact form or support@coindeal.com?

What is the value of the prize?

Awards are distributed among the top 3 participants as follows:

First place - 1 BTC
Second place - 0.5 BTC
Third place - 0.25 BTC
First place - 0.2 BTC
Second place - 0.1 BTC
Third place - 0.05 BTC
First place - 0.05 BTC

Why, after logging in, my wallet is empty?

Players' wallets will be filled with 10,000 virtual USD after the start of a contest.

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